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Residential Plumbing.

The Best Plumbing Services in Mid Missouri

Plumbing problems can occur unexpectedly and without warning. Even a small plumbing issue can really disrupt your everyday life. Whether you have a burst pipe or a leaking faucet, we can quickly take care of your plumbing needs. We even have a 24 hour emergency plumber service. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there.

At Self Plumbing we provide licensed and bonded plumbing services so you can go through your day with confidence knowing your plumbing issues are being handled by professionals. With over 25 years of experience, Self Plumbing has handled it all. Our team specializes in watering systems, garbage disposals, water heaters, dishwashers, ice makers, laundry room relocation, and much more.

Let Self Plumbing handle all of your plumbing needs. Get in touch with us today!

Residential plumbing - bathroom sink against blue tile backsplash

Residential Plumbing Services

Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and outdoor plumbing all contain important fixtures necessary to keep everyday life running smoothly. With our team’s extensive knowledge and experience in the field, we have seen it all. The Self Plumbing team can find a solution to whatever plumbing problems arise. We are here to help you.

The Self Plumbing team addresses a multitude of residential plumbing issues. Below are some of the problems we see quite regularly. Keep in mind, these are just a few of the plumbing fixtures we work with and our expertise covers all aspects of residential plumbing.

Sump Pump

What are the functions of a sump pump?

Sump pumps prevent basements from flooding and are recommended to be installed where where leaks happen frequently. They solve dampness and prevent mold and rot. Sump pumps push the water out of the basement and away from your home and to a nearby storm drain. They keep your basement dry and livable.

How does a sump pump work?

Sump pumps are powered by electricity and therefore only require an electric outlet to work. They are placed in the lowest part of the basement in a sump pit. Water flows into the sump pit and through the sump pump where it is taken away from your home. Around 60% of homes suffer from ground wetness and any home can benefit from a sump pump.

Water Heater Replacements

Water heaters provide hot water for comfortable showers and baths. Self Plumbing repairs, installs, and replaces water heaters. Whatever the problem, our knowledgeable team can accurately identify it and recommend a fix. When water heater problems arise we are here to help your home get up and running again!

Toilet Repair

Toilets can experience a multitude of problems including leaks, clogs, slow tank fill, and water level drops. These problems can be difficult to pinpoint on your own. Water leaking out of a toilet can cause damage and mold growth in the surrounding areas. Toilet repairs are necessary when the toilet is not flushing, running noisily or leaking. Toilet failure can be due to broken fixtures in the toilet including the flush lever, chain, flapper valve and how they interact with each other.

Drain and Sewer Cleaning

Usually, out of sight means out of mind. This is especially applicable to drains and sewers. Due to their hidden nature, they are easy to forget about until they malfunction. Drain and sewer cleaning should be scheduled for every 18 to 22 months. During the cleaning process video inspection is used to locate the problem. Our expert plumbers then evaluate the problem and recommend the best fix. Other than dirty pipes, drain and sewer issues can be caused by tree root interference, sagging pipes and cooking grease being poured down drains.



If your household is in need of plumbing services or a new residential plumbing installation, contact us today! We are more than happy to help.