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Garbage Disposal.

There are many situations where a home or business owner will need a repair or an entirely new installation of their garbage disposal:


  • Your garbage disposal constantly emits a bad odor
  • Your garbage disposal takes significantly longer to break down food
  • You hear a metal scraping noise whenever your garbage disposal is in use
  • Water leaking from the garbage disposal


If your garbage disposal displays any of these characteristics, it’s most likely time for a repair or an entirely new system.


While some people may try to do the repair/installation themselves, it is highly recommended to hire a professional due to the danger that comes along with the task. Leave the repair to our experts with the knowledge and equipment to get your garbage disposal working properly.

Dual stainless steel sink with garbage disposal



If you are experiencing a decline in performance or any other problems with your garbage disposal, call Self Plumbing and we can fix it for you!